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The most frequent questions we are asked about interior design are; what does an interior designer do, what does it involve, and how do we do it?


We understand why people ask, as there are so many examples of interior design in action on the TV, but it never actually shows you the behind the scenes journey we go on to get you to your final product. How do your ideas and our sketches become a built environment?


We have, therefore, broken down what is a vast subject into two distinct approaches. Design My Room is our fixed price single room design service and our Bespoke Interior Design service goes into much greater detail and can often include complete design management from concept to onsite completion.


Below, and through the various links, we try and demystify our industry, the design offer we provide and fully explain why you would choose services over another and why with us.


This breakdown also serves as an explanation of how our fees are structured and paid progressively as work proceeds through the various stages in Bespoke and one-off fixed price in Design My Room.

Give us a call to discuss your project on 07883 271297 or send us an email with any questions you have.



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Our team

Simon has spent the majority of his working life creating and developing high end commercial and residential interiors, the majority of which have been in the 5-star hotel sector. A large proportion of this time he spent in Hong Kong where he honed his skills bringing them back to the UK in 2015.

On returning to London in 2015, Simon has held several senior roles including a period as Goddard Littlefair’s Design Director working on projects such as the Four-Season Hotel in Montenegro and Vienna, amongst many other projects. More recently he led the design team for Goddard Littlefair on the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in Vienna.


Building on the online platform, Simon is keen to develop a mentoring side to the work we produce and will in time be providing on-line tutorials and how-to videos to help our clients understand our approach and process.


Via this link, you can see our commercial work through our sister site for the larger commercial hospitality projects handled over the years. We would be happy to discuss projects of this nature should you require. Some of the projects featured here are taken from Simon's time as an employed designer prior to starting Mustard House Design Ltd.

Fiona has over 25 years experience in hotel, leisure, spa, residential and retail design. She has amassed a wide ranging and invaluable knowledge of all aspects of the design process and is able to evaluate and implement each stage of a project from concept to completion. Fiona has held key senior roles in a number of leading London design companies including Richmond International, Leon Black, AD Associates and Goddard Littlefair.


Fiona is passionate about working closely with clients to define a clear brief, maximise potential and deliver excellent design solutions, in budget and within a given timescale. She has extensive project management experience and oversees projects diligently and effectively to ensure all aspects are executed to the highest standards. 


For a period of time Fiona was Studio Director for Goddard Littlefair and whilst there worked closely with Simon as Design Director. This is where our friendship, mutual understanding and shared ambitions began and since then we have worked together on a number of projects and most recently in setting up Mustard House Design Ltd.

Tomi is a native Japanese speaker but is also fluent in English and Mandarin and provides the company with expertise in logistics and financial control and management. He is the go to person should you have a customer care issue.


Having worked in Tokyo for 10 years he moved to China in 2008 to assist with the running of Aspel, an electrical component company providing knowledge and experience in just-in-time material procurement and handling.


From there he moved to the International conglomerate - Ricoh in southern Chine overseeing again, their massive just-in-time department, servicing the entire manufacturing plants packaging needs.


Moving to London in 2016, he has worked mainly in retail and is an invaluable member of the Mustard House  team, assisting with all queries, orders and delivery issues. He also makes a wicked Gyoza.


Useful Links

Over the coming months we will add what we consider to be useful links to interesting articles or useful contacts.


Simon Tong Associates - International Commerical Design

While the creation of Mustard House Design concentrates on residential projects, large or small, the team has the experience to handle projects of scale and complexity in the commercial world. Check out some of these projects via our sister site by following this link: www.simontongassociates.com