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​When we work on fee-based projects, they are usually split into distinct sections of work, allowing the opportunity to select the stages and subsequent services to suit your needs and needs of the project specifically

We price each stage slightly differently as the type of work required per stage is somewhat different to complete and can vary wildly from project to project; there is, therefore, a need to keep these stages flexible. However, the primary deliverables don’t change and keep within the stage on projects large or small to ensure the correct sequencing of the project is maintained.

There comes the point in a project size that particular areas are not priced separately but priced as a project as a whole.

​We have simplified these stages into examples below to understand the likely prices involved for different areas quickly. Each project is, however, unique and will have a completely bespoke fee proposal attached.

​​Stage 1 is critical to getting all of this correct. We will take time to understand your aspirations for the project, style priorities and look and feel preferences, planning and or budget constraints before submitting our scope and fee.

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Our Stages

Initial site visit and brief development

This stage is offered free of charge and without obligation

Please call us to discuss your project on 07883 271297



Scope of service and deliverables included but not limited to:

  • Sketch layout. 2 Options

  • Mood / Image board

  • Detailed Kitchen design & planning*

  • Bathroom design & sanitary ware selections/schedule*

  • Finishes board & finishes schedule

  • Provide finalised floor plans, inc. electrics and lighting (complying with statutory requirements)

  • Outline scope of work to assist with pricing

  • Establish with client budget costs

  • 2 Meetings with client included

  • FF&E selections can be added to this stage or implemented seperately in stage 4, below.

Example fee breakdown per area | larger more complex projects priced on application:

  • Entrance area & staircase - £900.00

  • Living or dining space - £1,200.00

  • Bedroom - £1,200.00

  • Kitchen - £1,800.00*

  • Bath/shower room - £1,800.00*

  • Home office - £900.00

Example fees for additional areas, if required:

  • Bedroom, per room / Walk-In Closet - £1,000.00

  • Childs Nursery / Play room - £900.00

  • Living space, per room - £1,000.00

  • Utility room - £1,200.00

  • Other small room, say cloakroom - £1,000.00

  • Exterior terrace, decking, furniture, pots etc - £900.00

* Areas require a slightly higher level of development at this stage to present a completed design, this is reflected in the slightly higher area price above.

Above prices do not include any external consultant advise should it be required at this stage.


Implementation & Site Support

Implementation and site support:


We have 3 levels of service from which you can select from, depending on your required level of involvement with the project. Some clients are happy working with a contractor and just need some input or standard of finish guidance, others require higher levels of support.


1.     Our full service carries a fee of between 10-15% of the total implementation price, dependent on services required and involves one site visit a week to oversee and check work and to monitor progress and plan the following week’s activities. We also provide ongoing co-ordination with client and contractor, problem resolution/advice/support, checking & approving contractor's applications for payment, snagging when the work has been fully completed.

2.     Our second level of service, at £240.00 per week, involves one day per week, including site visit to check progress and plan the following week’s activities plus minimal remote support. Any time over and above this is charged at £45.00 per hour.

3.     Our third level of service is based on a minimum retainer of £100.00 per week which covers 3 hour’s remote support. Any time over and above this charged at £45.00 per hour.


Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Selections (FF&E)

FF&E selections. We can offer at an hourly rate or POA:

  • Furniture and furnishing selections

  • Furniture and furnishing schedules, specifications or quotations

  • Dressing out schedule | Artwork Selections | Commissions

  • Dressing out visit | installation

Additional Services

We can offer or arrange, based on your requirements, at an hourly rate or POA:

  • Garden design | Landscaping.

  • Procurement, Coordination & Installation.

  • Photorealistic high resolution 3D computer renders | Walkthroughs.



  • Structural engineer and architectural fees

  • Local authority applications and fees

  • Leasehold permissions/applications

  • Building survey & condition report

  • Bill of quantities, detailed scope of work, preambles

  • Tendering to 3 contractors for competitive quotes

  • Defects inspection - if not already included in our stage 3

Reasonable expenses to be itemised and charged at cost.