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Kitchen Design

Kitchen design can take many forms, from working with your existing layout and replacing cupboards and appliances, or renewing doors on existing cabinets, to completely reconfiguring the layout to improve work surface access and flow. Often the new requirement for a dishwasher or double oven will require careful consideration and planning


Kitchens can often be the area of the house where you have some fun by introducing new materials, handles, tiles, and lighting to be brought together to provide a unique one-of-a-kind kitchen.​


Our bespoke kitchen design service based in Southwark is not limited to specific manufacturers or high street outlets. We can provide you with a custom designed and built kitchen, subject to your style requirements and available budget.


We will design your kitchen to fit your available budget, although a kitchen is a room where costs can quickly escalate if not careful. We can mix and match and offer standard high street cabinets, for example, but higher-end finishes to create a unique kitchen design that only you will have.​


We will discuss all options with you and establish the best route for you based on your specific scope and budget.

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