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Musa Igrek

Signed Limited Edition Prints

Musa has worked as an arts and culture journalist between Istanbul and London for over a decade. He holds a PhD and has been exploring various printing techniques, all tied together by an interest in identity, memory, and exile.


The series of limited edition prints we offer exclusively through the MHD online store are created using the centuries-old marbling technique, the origins and development starting in Japan as early as the 12th century. The first forms of Japanese marbling were called Suminagashi, or “ink floating”.


The contemporary use of this traditional technique creates a line of modern images that, when viewed individually or grouped in colour combinations, offer multiple options to suit the scale and design of your room.


We offer signed limited edition prints on 310gsm Canson Edition Etching archival paper in 3 sizes - 300 x 300, 600 x 600 and 900 x 900 unframed and purchased directly through our online store. 


Framed options can be provided, with a price on request.

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